Wainwright Equine Centre

Wainwright Equine Centre

Arena Rules

WEC Rider Arena Rules and Code of Conduct

Please remember that this facility is run entirely by VOLUNTEERS.

Do your part to maintain our arena by following these guidelines. HAVE FUN!!

Attention All Riders: If you would like to bring livestock in the WEC then you MUST book the facility as a Private Rental.  See the Rental Page for rates and Rental Form.  This is because of the LIABILITY ISSUES that could come about.  Thank You!

For Insurance purposes, 
both the "Acknowledgement of Risk & Release of Liability”  
and “Safety Equipment Acknowledgement and Release
(links to the Waivers are above) forms MUST be signed 
(1) when you pay your drop-in fee BEFORE you ride or (2) at the time you take out your membership. These forms must be completed ANNUALLY now not every time you ride.

  • Complete a membership form with each monthly/3mo/6mo or annual membership.
  • The above forms and fees are to be placed in the drop box & ALL riders are to sign in each time they ride! Failure to do so can result in your use of the facility being revoked and will be considered TRESPASSING.
  • Minors under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.  NO Exceptions!!
  • Riders under 18 must wear a helmet.
  • Manure must be picked up inside and outside the arena, including the parking lot. Rakes and tubs are provided (to be put back in arena when done).
  • Please empty the buckets into the dumpster and put in a new garbage bag, please don’t wait until they are overfull! (garbage bags are found on table, just inside the ‘horse’ door)
  • Use arena etiquette and respect other riders. 
  • Respect all equipment within the Equine Centre, put away any/all equipment when you are done with it (including moving panels back to original place)
  • Leave the ground as you found it. Raking is required (filling in holes), especially if you have worked barrels.
  • Maintain control of your horse; do not leave horses unattended and do not let horses wander around unsupervised.
  • No tying directly to panels. Please use available tie rings.
  • No stallions tied up inside the arena; you must tie up your stallion outside the arena. Please put a green ribbon on your stallion’s tail. 
  • If you have a horse that kicks please put a red ribbon on its tail, if it bites put a red ribbon on its mane or bridle  Ribbons need to be visible.
  • If you or your horse is responsible for any damage to the facility or equipment within the facility, please report this to a Director. 
  • Inform a Director of any damage or maintenance required in the facility.
  • Report suspected abuse of the facility to the Equine Centre President or Vice-President.
  • Equipment use is permitted in the arena at unscheduled times, but only if no one else is riding. Public riding takes priority--with the exception of Thursday, all day, when barrel racing has priority over public riding.
  • Be a responsible equine owner and only bring healthy horses to the facility.
  • All riders are encouraged to hold current Alberta Equine Federation insurance.
  • Riders are encouraged to mount and dismount in the arena only.
  • No riding outside the arena.  The ball diamond area is off limits to horses!
  • No smoking.    · No dogs.    ·  No alcohol.  · No hay inside the arena.
  • Children must be supervised by an adult at all times and NOT permitted to play or run in the riding & tie areas.
  • Please abide by these arena rules and code of conduct. Choosing not to follow the rules will be dealt with as follows:

    a)       First Offence – a verbal warning with a letter                                                         

    b)      Second Offence – a six month suspension from the facility                                               

    c)       Third Offence – one year suspension from the facility

    d)      Following this you will be asked to leave the facility for 5 years

    If a conflict should arise, Board of Directors decisions are final. Verbal and/or physical abuse of people and/or horses will not be tolerated. It is a privilege to ride here, not a right. The WEC and its directors can deny anyone riding privileges.

    Thank you for helping to keep our arena fun, and a safe place to ride.

    The WEC Executive & Directors

    Attention All Riders:  If you would like to bring livestock into the WEC then you MUST book the facility as a Private Rental.  See the Rental Page for rates and Rental Form.  This is because of the LIABILITY ISSUES that could come about.  

    PLEASE HELP EMPTY MANURE BUCKETS, even if they are half full, grab someone and dump them.  HELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED.  THANK YOU!!

    Letter to all WEC Users: 

    Remember to fill out the form , sign in and pay your drop-in fee before riding.

    Please take some time to read this important letter from the WEC Board of Directors. The Arena Rules and Code of Conduct have been updated and are available on theArena Rules page .

    WINTER WEATHER : In case of cold or bad weather, contact the director in charge of the event to see if it is still a go or.  For rentals please contact your organizer.