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Barrel Racing Jackpots

Trick Riding

PLEASE HELP EMPTY MANURE BUCKETS, even if they are half full, grab someone and dump them.  HELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED.  THANK YOU!!

Barrel Racing Nights & Jackpots

Barrel Nights are every Wednesday night.  ABRA Jackpots will be put on throughout the year.  

Please look on our Facebook page for more details.  

For more information please contact Deejay McMann @ 780-490-8827


Gymkhana Dates  - 12:30pm start time
Oct 27, 2019
Nov 17, 2019
Dec 15, 2019
Jan 12, 2020
Feb 9, 2020
Mar 15, 2020
Apr 19, 2020

Membership in Gymkhana Club - $10. 

Once you purchase a membership and attend 4/6 gymkhanas, you receive the year-end prize.

Gymkhana Events ($2 each): Barrels, Poles, Stakes, Keyhole + Fun Event

Drop-in fee for non-WECmembers at gymkhanas - $15

Gymkhanas are meant to be a fun, family event. The organizers bring snacks for everyone. If any participants have any snacks to contribute, it is appreciated! The coffee pot will be on but there isn't a canteen.

Contact Cayley Harvey @ 780-806-1920 or Tammy Panter for details.


 TUESDAY Nights from 5:00 to 10:00pm. 
Fee is $30 for the first person/roping horse and $10 for each additional roping horse, 
as well as the $20 drop in fee for non WEC members.

For more information please contact Daniel Cleroux @ 780-842-8294

Trick Riding

If you are interested in attending trick riding practice night or clinic please contact 
Amber Miller @ [email protected] or 780-806-3073.