Wainwright Equine Centre

Wainwright Equine Centre

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Drop in Fees / Hours 

The drop-in fee is $20 per person
We strongly encourage the purchase of a membership.

Hours of Operation
Monday to Sunday from 9 am to 10 pm

400-8 St., Suite B
Wainwright, AB T9W 1C3

400-8 St., Suite B Wainwright, AB T9W 1C3

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Calendar of Events 

WEC Activities!

Barrel Racing Jackpots

Trick Riding

PLEASE HELP EMPTY MANURE BUCKETS, even if they are half full, grab someone and dump them.  HELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED.  THANK YOU!!

Barrel Racing Jackpots

Jackpot Schedule:

2019 Wainwright Battle River Series
Feb 21, Thursday 6:30pm 
March 3, Saturday 11:00am (Double Header) 
March 28, Thursday 6:30pm
Open: $30
Youth: $25
PeeWee: $10


Series Jackpot Between Vermilion and Wainwright

  1. Must obey all Vermilion and Wainwright Arena Rules.
  2. Entries must be CASH .
  3. Entries will close 1/2hr before race start time. Any entries that are later than that will be put at the bottom of the draw. 
  4. All racers must sign arena waiver forms.
  5. Warm up for everyone will only be allowed before the jackpot. If there is more than 40 open entries than a warm up will be allowed half way thru the open.
  6. Open time splits are 5/10. Youth time splits are 7/10. Peewee time splits are 5S.
  7. Times from ABRA jackpot at Wainwright can be rolled over to the Wainwright Series Jackpot that follows and must be declared at entry of ABRA Jackpot .
  8. Buy Backs can be purchased for $10.00 and must be done and paid for by the end of the jackpot. Second run will cancel your first run. Buyback money will be used for series prizes. 
  9. If you have rolled over your time at a Wainwright jackpot, you can only buy back in the first jackpot.
  10. Open High Point based on horse & rider. Points for placings in each division.  See below for point breakdown.
  11. Youth High Point based on horse & rider. Points for placings in each division.  See below for point breakdown.
  12. PeeWee High Point based on horse & rider. Points for placings in each division. See below for point breakdown.
  13. No attendance required for Year End High Point Winner .
  14. Points are accumulated by points rewarded to rider/horse combo. Not based on divisions .
  15. Knocked barrel will be considered no time.
  16. The fastest penalty free run (in all classes) will determine divisions.
  17. If no horse falls into a division, the payout for that D will be divided equally between the other divisions.
  18. If there is only one entry that places in a division, they will receive all that money in that division.
  19. Payout will be based on ABRA payout guidelines.
  20. The ground will be worked after every 5 complete runs
  21. Exhibitions are allowed at end of jackpot for $5 each.
  22. To RESPECT all our volunteers and display good sportsmanship at all times. The committee does have the right to refuse a barrel racer entry to our jackpots for unprofessional conduct or animal abuse.
  23. HAVE FUN :)
1St -10 Points      2nd -9 Points       3rd -8 Points       4th - 7 Points      5th -6 Points      6th -5 Points      
           7th - 4 Points        8th -3 Points      9th -2 Points       10th - 1 Point 

  1St -5 Points       2nd -4 Points       3rd -3 Points      4th - 2 Points       5th -1 Point  

1St -5 Points       2nd -4 Points       3rd -3 Points       4th - 2 Points        5th -1 Points 


Gymkhana Dates  - 12:30pm start time
Oct 21, 2018
Nov 18, 2018
Dec 16, 2018
Jan 20, 2019
Feb 17, 2019
Mar 24, 2019
Apr 28, 2019

Membership in Gymkhana Club - $10. 

Once you purchase a membership and attend 4/6 gymkhanas, you receive the year-end prize.

Gymkhana Events ($2 each): Barrels, Poles, Stakes, Keyhole + Fun Event

Drop-in fee for non-WECmembers at gymkhanas - $15

Gymkhanas are meant to be a fun, family event. The organizers bring snacks for everyone. If any participants have any snacks to contribute, it is appreciated! The coffee pot will be on but there isn't a canteen.

Contact Cayley Harvey and Tammy Panter for details.


For more information and nights

Please contact: Quindy Watts

Phone: 780-806-8030


 TUESDAY Nights from 5:00 to 10:00pm. 
Fee is $30 for the first person/roping horse and $10 for each additional roping horse, 
as well as the $20 drop in fee for non WEC members.

For more information please contact Shaun McNary @ 587-281-3313

Trick Riding

If you are interested in attending trick riding practice night (TBD) or clinic please contact 
Amber Miller @ [email protected] or 780-806-3073.